About us

Tilbury Green Power Limited (“TGP” or “the plant”) is a renewable biomass power plant fuelled by waste wood, within the Port of Tilbury.

One of the largest biomass plants in the UK and plays a valuable role in the UK meeting its targets for climate change and a low carbon economy, in particular energy production from renewable sources.

The plant generates up to 335 GWh or renewable energy per annum.

The plant was designed and constructed to robust specifications with proven modern technology.

It’s one of the few large scale plants in Europe which can utilise waste-wood grades B and C. Due to the lower grades of wood, this does not conflict with material which can be recycled into products such as panel board. These grades of wood are non-hazardous and are sourced from the household waste recycling centres and direct from construction and demolition sites so the energy recovery of the material is a vital part of the waste hierarchy.

TGP is committed to maximising the local and regional benefits of the Plant through the:

Promotion of job opportunities within the local area.

Promotion of equipment and material supply opportunities within the local area.

Creation of apprenticeship opportunities where possible.

Promotion of the Plant’s sustainable and renewable values through local community liaison in part via the Tilbury Liaison Committee.

Our plant owners

Greenvolt Group

Greenvolt Group is a leader in the renewable energy market in Europe and the first operator in renewables in Portugal. It currently operates in 16 countries under different brands: with Greenvolt Biomass, the Group is active in energy production from forest residues and urban wood residues in Portugal and England. Greenvolt Power, and others, implement wind and solar PV projects in several European markets and the United States, with a pipeline of 6.7 GW, of which 2.9 GW will reach at least the Ready to Build stage until the end of 2023. Greenvolt Next, and others, operate mainly in the B2B distributed power generation sector, with more than 100 MWp in backlog. In addition, the company is a leader in self-consumption projects through solar PV and renewable energy communities in Portugal and Spain.

Group foundation and development

Founded in 2021, Greenvolt has quickly established itself in the European renewable energy market and is among Europe’s fastest-growing companies in the sector. In its first year of operation, Greenvolt acquired Tilbury Green Power, a biomass power plant with a capacity of 42 MW, as well as 100 percent of V-Ridium, a leading renewable energy consultancy based in Poland. In the same year, it acquired 70 percent of the Portuguese company Profit Energy, 42 percent of the Spanish company Perfecta Energia, and a 35 percent stake in Germany’s MaxSolar. Also in 2021, Greenvolt issued a €100 million green bond, while in 2022 it entered into a joint venture agreement with GMV in order to develop solar projects in Spain, which was followed by the acquisition of a 50 percent stake in Spain’s Univergy. In May 2022 it acquired a 45 MW operational solar farm in Romania and a 90 MW wind farm under developmentin Iceland. Finally, in the same year, the company announced its entry into the U.S., , performed a capital increase of €100m and issued a second green bond of €150 million. In the beginning of 2023, a convertible bond of 200 m€ was issued to KKR enabling the acceleration and expansion in the Utility Scale and Distributed Generation market and reinforcing Greenvolt’s Balance sheet. This partnership with KKR will allow the identification of additional investment opportunities.

World Presence

Greenvolt Group is currently present in 16 countries: Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom, Poland, France, Italy, Serbia, Mexico, Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland, Hungary, Denmark, Germany, the USA, and Greece. Its three main activities focus on: Residual Biomass – power generation from biomass, Wind & Solar Energy Services – onshore wind farms and photovoltaic power stations, at the project development level, as well as distributed generation photovoltaic solutions, including Energy Communities – green power generation and distribution.


Equitix is a responsible investor, developer and fund manager in infrastructure. Established in 2007, with over 360 assets under management valued at +£10bn, Equitix brings deep investment and operating expertise across sectors to create value for its investors.

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